Ziegler-Nichols optimization for quadrotor attitude control / Otimização de Ziegler-Nichols para o controle de atitude de quadrirrotor

Ivan Paulo Canal, Manuel Martín Pérez Reimbold


Quadrotor and multirotor aircraft, which do not need a pilot to fly, are used for recreational or work purposes, with the quadrotor being the type most used in practical implementations. The quadrotor represents a promising field of research due to its ability to fly and manoeuvre, gaining recognition as a technological solution in many areas. An aircraft quadrotor is a complex control system that allows great flexibility of flight. The identification and control of the variables in multirotor aerial systems such as quadrotors is challenging, however, because the quantities involved are not always available, known and accurate. Among the various control methods that have been investigated, proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control offers good results and simplicity for application in quadrotors, but achieving stability and high performance is challenging, with the fundamental task being tuning the controller gains. Improving the control system performance is also challenging, especially when the load varies. Here, Ziegler-Nichols (ZN) theory was used to tune the controller gains for pitch and roll attitude command, followed by evaluation of improvements in the system response. The optimized application of ZN theory to a quadrotor (termed optimized ZNAQ) is proposed and obtains a significant improvement in the control system response performance, demonstrating that optimized ZNAQ is valid for tuning the controller PID gains and more efficient than the original ZN theory approach.



Ziegler-Nichols, quadrotor control, PID tuning, multirotor.

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