Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) applied in different scenarios of nutrient recovery in the form of struvite: systematic review / Avaliação do Ciclo de Vida (ACV) aplicada em diferentes cenários de recuperação de nutrientes na forma de estruvita: revisão sistemática

Regiane Pereira Roque, Natanael Blanco Bená Filho, Ricardo Franci Gonçalves


The wastewater nutrients recovery in the form of struvite has been a trend due to the scarcity of phosphorus sources and the large energy expenditure for the production of nitrogen fertilizers. Another reason to replace the industrial fertilizers is directly related to the negative impacts on the environment, such as eutrophication of water bodies. Based on the aforementioned, the goal of the present paper is to perform a bibliometric analysis. Our work aims to review the main scientific articles published in the last five years based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) tool to the evaluation of the sustainability of the processes used to obtain struvite from different types of wastewater. In this way, a survey was carried out followed by a systematic literature analysis using the ProKnow - C method, since it is a descriptive research.  Based on the ProKnow - C method, data collection follows pre-established procedures, from the selection of the keywords to the filtering phase. These steps allow the selection of a quality bibliographic portfolio. The bibliometric analysis of data was performed using Microsoft Excel 2016 and statistical charts. Few publications were found on the subject. The results indicate that the environmental aspects are considered favorable to nutrient recovery. However, the need to formulate standardized guidelines to guarantee the quality to the application of LCA methodology in studies of systems for nutrient recovery it is evident.


Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainability, Nutrient recovery, Struvite.

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