Blockchain to improve security, knowledge and collaboration inter-agent communication over restrict domains of the internet infrastructure, with human interaction / Blockchain para melhorar a segurança, o conhecimento e a colaboração entre os agentes de comunicação sobre domínios restritos da infraestrutura da Internet, com interação humana

Juliao Braga, Joao Nuno Silva, Patricia Takako Endo, Jessica Ribas, Nizam Omar


This paper describes the development and implementation of a  blockchain to improve security,  knowledge and intel ligence during the communication and col laboration processes between agents under restricted Internet Infrastructure domains. It is a work that proposes the application of a blockchain, independent of platform, in a particular model of agents, but that can be used  in similar proposals, since the results in the specific model were satisfactory. Additional ly, the model al lows interaction and, also, col laboration between humans and agents.


internet infrastructure, agentes, ai, a2rd, skau.

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