Geoprocessing as a tool for environmental quality analysis in urban lagoon / Geoprocessamento como ferramenta para análise de qualidade ambiental em lagoa urbana

Leonardo Monjardim Amarante, Denise Machado Poton, Marcelo Zucateli Cunha, Jackson Santana Ferreira, Murilo Petri Calanzani


Lagoa das Garças is totally eutrophic, mainly due to the launch of domestic and industrial effluents and the surface runoff. In order to promote the recovery of the lagoon, the document suggests the detection of pollutant sources by means of measures such as the mapping of possible points of release of clandestine effluents or other sources that lead to its eutrophication. In addition to the regression in orbital images in Google Earth Pro, with the aid of DroneDeploy application, drone flight planning and execution were carried out, resulting in three maps showing the presence of constructions in Permanent Preservation Area. The resulting maps were important means of assessing the environmental aspects and impacts of the area, allowing the understanding of the local dynamics and providing subsidies to support future decisions.


Geotechnology, geoprocessing, remote sensing, environmental quality, urban lagoon.

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